Suggestions for Portland Visit?

I leave for PDX on Sunday, and hope to update this blog with some travelogues while there, from riding MAX and/or the streetcar. Or from seeing the Eugene BRT. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on attractions in Portland?


  • Sunday: Fly AUS-PHX-PDX, have the afternoon in Portland

  • Monday: Have the morning in Portland, probably leave for Eugene in the afternoon

  • Tuesday: Spend the day in Eugene at UO, then return to Portland

  • Wednesday: Take Reed tour in the morning, fly PDX-LAS-AUS


Trip to Portland in the Works...

Finally get to visit Light Rail Valhalla (Portland, Oregon) in two weeks. Hopping a Southwest flight to Phoenix, then another to Portland in two weeks. Visiting Reed College and the University of Oregon on that Tuesday and Wednesday; two days to play around Portland!

Can't wait to ride TriMAX and the Streetcar. Only ridden two other LRT lines: the F-Market line in San Francisco, and the VTA in San Jose.

I'll probably post some kind of trip report... :)