Suggestions for Portland Visit?

I leave for PDX on Sunday, and hope to update this blog with some travelogues while there, from riding MAX and/or the streetcar. Or from seeing the Eugene BRT. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on attractions in Portland?


  • Sunday: Fly AUS-PHX-PDX, have the afternoon in Portland

  • Monday: Have the morning in Portland, probably leave for Eugene in the afternoon

  • Tuesday: Spend the day in Eugene at UO, then return to Portland

  • Wednesday: Take Reed tour in the morning, fly PDX-LAS-AUS


  1. I ate at Montage, on the east side of the river under one of the bridges. Yummy. There's also good spots downtown though.

    The rose garden and Japanese gardens are pretty, but maybe not this time of year.

    See Powell's Books downtown, ride the Portland Aerial Tram (one of the few skycars serving as public transportation), and maybe take one of the underground tours if you're into history and spookiness.

    That's my suggestions. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Thanks Kevin.

    I've wanted to go to Powell's for forever! A whole city block! Don't know if I'll have time for gardens though...

    Those tunnels sounded cool if I could get to 'em.

    I'll post pictures. Maybe some other stuff too.


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