Thinking of a DART Trip

I've been thinking of the possibility of first-hand research for my extended essay project; visiting Dallas' DART Light Rail (THE rail success story of Texas) could give me some valuable insight into the effects of LRT on quality of life, especially now that the DART LRT system has been around more than a decade!

First-hand experience of the effects of TOD developments like the Mockingbird area, and the chance to talk face-to-face and observe people who use the train every day.

I also would try to squeeze in an interview with someone in the TOD-related areas of the DART project....


  1. Go for it! I'm up in Dallas working for three weeks, though I won't get a chance to ride the rails.

  2. Cool. I only wish that Austin could've gotten something like the DART LRT system...

    Only ridden on the San Jose VTA system before, and it was amazing. I still cannot think of Dallas and light rail together!

    Maybe I can get a Amtrak trip up to Dallas from Austin... :D

  3. I try to ride the public transit in almost all the major cities I visit. Its a great way to get a feeling for what works and what doesn't.

    In other news, I'm glad you started posting again - I was about to take you out of my blog reader.

  4. Sure hope that Austin's works in some form or fashion. That and the uncertainty of the presidential election are my two largest sources of small anxiety recently.

    Wow. Someone subscribes to me on a blog reader? Cool.


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